A Small Yippee

31 Mar
A Small Yippee

I started this blog with the idea that it would focus on some writing help for the beginner, a sample of my own writing for fun—and to demonstrate that I follow my own advice—as a sales tool, and as product pages for the released novels.

But today’s blog is for none of them. It’s a small yippee, and a thank you to Double Dragon Publishing for having offered me a third novel contract, this one for, As Falls an Angel.

Angel was great fun to write, and literally told itself, which made it exciting to write because I was never quite certain of where it was going, so in many ways it was like reading the story. I began with the idea that I was creating a light romantic short story, based on the premise: Angels exist, and can do amazing things, but must work within the framework of existing natural law.

That was the plan, but my characters refused to stick with the script, and began to meddle with the plot. And as so often happens, I fell in love, and could deny my characters nothing—especially my angel.

Before I knew it characters were screwing with gravity and going into battle. At one point I found myself typing, “Twenty years later,” skipping two decades of my character’s lives—something I never expected to do when telling a story.

And in the end I learned that Satan’s real name is Suzanne, which, when you think about it, may explain a lot.

No idea of when it Angel will come out, I still have to sign the contract and await an editing slot, but my guess is some time before the end of the year.

I’m stoked. After all, I stand to make tens of dollars from this.

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