All God’s Children

07 Jun
All God’s Children
     Recently, I had a thought that may have world-shaking implications, and change the way we look at genetics, and genetic manipulation, forever.
     For no reason in particular, I began to think about Christian dogma, and the concept that God gave his only son to the world, a child conceived within a human womb, with a bit of human and some divine aspects in his DNA that would allow the child to grow up with an innate sense of right and wrong, plus abilities we would attribute only to a divine being, like being able to revive the dead, to change water to wine, and to walk on water.
     The Bible clearly identifies God as male, and says that the child was his son, not just someone he created, like Adam and Eve, so the implication is quite clear, that God, the one in who’s image mankind was created, had some pretty special DNA to contribute, even were that contribution not made in the usual way.
     Interestingly, the abilities of the human/divine hybrid didn’t manifest immediately, but required the attainment of full maturity for the more magical aspects to be observed—though from childhood he was said to be pious and admirable.
     My first thought was that God sacrificing his only child wasn’t the great thing it had been made out to be, because, after all, being God he could cause another, or a million children of equal capabilities to be born. The “only child” thing, therefore was personal choice, and obviously must serve some purpose other than sacrifice. What did hit me as unique was that it was all accomplished through genetics.
     God took one of Mary’s eggs, and either cloned it, while at the same time, changing the genetic coding so as to produce that magical child, or fertilized that egg with chromosomes of divine origin. Either way, in doing so he changed the history of the world. But of more importance: he left mankind a critical clue that is only now apparent, because now, we have not only the technology to clone, we can change DNA. And that means that with care, diligence, and research, it is entirely possible to recreate that miracle. It is within our grasp to have every single woman on the face of the planet give birth to offspring who can truly be called a child of God, and who will innately know right from wrong.
     Think about the result of that fact, alone. No more wars. No more strife. “Turn the other cheek” will be the rule, without it even having to be taught. And the ability to feed the multitude with only a bit of food will conquer hunger. And that doesn’t touch the effect of being able to raise the dead, and survive a shipwreck by simply walking to shore—or calming the storm with an act of will.
     Assuming that the mutation breeds true, the cloning and genetic manipulation will need be only a one time thing, bringing peace and plenty to the planet in one single generation.
     Any woman would be overjoyed to bear such a child. Right? And what man would not be honored to be raising God’s child?
     Once this amazing opportunity is pointed out to the faithful, I am utterly confident that Christianity, as a whole, will support the necessary research, and help usher in the era of endless perfection.
     Is that cool, or what? Though I do kind of suspect that there might be some who won’t be pleased to read this.

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2 responses to “All God’s Children

  1. Tony

    July 3, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Re: All God’s Children. Hmm… nice try, but no cigar. It seems your grasp of theology is not quite up to the power of your imagination. Your thesis is based on God fertilising one of Mary’s eggs, making Jesus half-human and half-divine. However the Bible has two things to say in relation to this: 1) that Jesus was wholly human (in that he was born to a human mother just like everyone else), but also that he was wholly God (in that he was implanted in Mary’s womb as an embryo for her to carry as a surrogate mother); and 2) that Jesus was without sin (being wholly God), which, of course was essential to God’s loving plan of salvation for you and me. If he had been half-human (from Mary’s egg) he would have inherited her sinful nature (that the Bible says every one of us is born with) and so could not have been ‘without sin’.

    So, I’m afraid it’s not ‘simply’ a case of working out how to replicate ‘divine DNA’ (a good trick, if you can do it). That’s not how Jesus was born on Earth.

    Oh, and as regards to Him being God’s only Son, you do know He existed before His incarnation? Since before the start of time, in fact. Jesus is the Creator.

    An amusing piece, but I thought it was worth a serious answer.

  2. Kuchenhexe

    December 22, 2014 at 3:00 am

    That would make an interesting plot for a sci-fi novel. Like the “god particle”, there could be a “god gene”. Not quite the kind of genre I’m good at writing, but it sounds like a book I’d read.


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