A Change of Heart – Romantic Fantasy

Change of Heart Inside

     A Change of Heart is the third of six linked novels, detailing the adventures of the women chosen by The Ring: a magic circlet of stone that has been passed from woman to woman over the centuries.
     A Change of Heart is a story that was a long time coming. Many years ago I read Thorne Smith’s Turnabout, and loved it. His story was a comedy, and I’m not a comedy writer. But the situation he provided—the basis of the plot—was one that intrigued. For decades the urge to write such a story lived in the back of my mind, a tickle that never quite went away. Then, one day, I realized that The Ring would be the perfect vehicle for the transformation the story required.
     I usually fall in love with my heroines. It’s an occupational hazard. And I did, or course. But Chris’s son Kit was a charming six year old, which made it even nicer.
The Back Cover:
     Life is placid for Christmas Baker. She has her son and her career as a graphic artist. To warm her dreams she has the memory of her husband. She wants nothing more.
     But this night her sister has dragged her to a party, one which will change her life. This night she finds The Ring. And this night she meets Victor Lucci, a handsome gangster, who tempts her to discard chastity as a way of life.
     But Victor’s view, that love is an illusion, coupled with his casual attitude toward sex, repels. Worse, he appears to be sleeping with the daughter of the local crime family leader—a thoroughly unpleasant woman—to gain favor in the mob. But Victor isn’t what he appears. And Chris knows that, first hand, because now, she seems to have become Victor Lucci.

You can find A Change of Heart on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Smashwords.
Bibliography of, The Sisterhood Of The Ring:
   Volume I       Water Dance
   Volume II      Jennie’s Song
   Volume III     A Change Of Heart
   Volume IV    A Surfeit Of Dreams
   Volume V     Kyesha
   Volume VI    Abode Of The Gods Coming Soon


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