Abode of the Gods – Romantic Fantasy

     The sixth and final novel in a series of linked novels, detailing the adventures of the women chosen by The Ring: a magic circlet of stone that has been passed from woman to woman over the centuries.
     As I wrote the other volumes of The Sisterhood of the Ring one question nagged: what is the ring and who, or what, is behind it? Passing it off as magic didn’t satisfy. I’m an engineer, and grounded in cause and effect, so declaring it to be magic would have been easy, but not something I could accept.
     Nothing seemed to come, until I wondered what happened to Colleen after she disappeared, at the end of the fifth volume. She’d vanished, yes, but the question was, to where? Another transformation animal form? No because that idea had been exhausted with Water Dance and Kyesha. Transportation to a unique location? That sounded interesting, but to where?
     That was when my love of science fiction made me realize that the ring wasn’t magic, and that the answer to what it really was lay not on Earth, but on a world called Tudo. So there I went. And there, it turned out, was the unexpected answer to my question.
Abode Cover small
     Colleen is on her way to spinsterhood. Under the thumb of her dominating mother, with the lamp of her soul all but flickering toward darkness, she must leave her mother’s house or resign herself to a death of the spirit. In spite of that, she hasn’t been able to summon the necessary strength. Now though, Colleen has been presented with a magic ring, which transports her to a primitive world. There she must remake herself, face her demons, perfect the skills of the huntress, and lead a band of adventurers on a quest to free a god.

     When Jonathan first saw the sprite, it was a Wednesday, and he was hung over. He should have walked on. Now Jon is lying on the wet dirt of a trail, deep in the woods, abandoned and defenseless. How do you explain something like that when you have no idea of how you got there—or where you are? How do you explain that you’re naked because you left your clothing on a different planet?

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Bibliography of, The Sisterhood Of The Ring:
   Volume I       Water Dance
   Volume II      Jennie’s Song
   Volume III     A Change Of Heart
   Volume IV    A Surfeit Of Dreams
   Volume V     Kyesha
   Volume VI    Abode Of The Gods


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