An Abiding Evil – Mystery

An abiding evil inside
The Back Cover
     Dani Cahn, private investigator, ex-cop, and the daughter of Blackjack Cahn, seeks the monster who tortured and murdered her man. But Dani must resolve a few problems of her own She’s a skilled detective, true, but her specialty is catching cheating husbands, not homicidal maniacs. Her second problem is an inability to fire a weapon at a human being. Her third lies in the fact that the monster she seeks is now hungry for her blood. But the worst of all is Norman Lieb. Somehow no matter how much she tries to dislike the man it isn’t working.
     Norman Leib is a businessman, not a hero, one who sells blood to vampires for a living. Now, the most fascinating woman he’s ever met is in trouble, and it’s up to him to save her life…again. But to do that, he and Dani, must face a six hundred year old abiding evil.
You can read an excerpt and purchase, An Abiding Evil:
          Amazon – Kindle Format.
          Barnes & Nobel (epub) – All Formats.
          Smashwords – All Formats.


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