As Falls an Angel – Science Fiction

Angel Cover

     As Falls an Angel, of all my work, was probably the most fun to write. It began with a simple plan, to write a short story about a man who meets an angel in the woods. It was going to be funny and a bit romantic. But for reasons of her own, my angel refused to cooperate. Yes, she was beautiful and smart, and had abilities denied mortals, But she also had a mind of her own, and supplied her own agenda, because she had plans too important to be left in my fumbling hands.
We begin with an angel:
     Assume for the moment that they exist. Assume, too, that while their powers are impressive, they operate within the physical laws of the universe. Now, assume that one beautiful angel has, for reasons of her own, left the comfort and safety of heaven. And because she has, the futures of humankind and those who dwell in heaven hang in the balance.
     Angel Cassia decides to teach her paranormal skills to Chuck, a man she rescues in the wilderness. After all, she’ll need someone’s help when she finally engages in battle against Satan, whose real name is Suzanne—which in the end may explain a lot.
     And Chuck, the man she’s selected? He thought he was in trouble when he fell down that mountainside and broke his leg. But his problems really begin on the morning he wakes to find a golden eyed angel sleeping next to him, dressed in nothing more than angelic beauty.
For an excerpt, and to purchase As Falls an Angel, try these sites:
   Double Dragon
   Barnes and Noble
   The Apple Store

One response to “As Falls an Angel – Science Fiction

  1. agreensteinrealtor

    April 16, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    The book has you from the very beginning, you care about the characters and you want to read the whole story, to see how it all comes together and it does, beautifully. A must read!!!


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