Blood Lust – Science Fiction

Cover Blood Lust Inside

     Mike Simon has a problem. Someone is smuggling vampires onto the Earth. Their goal, power and riches. And it looks like Mike’s the only one who can stop them.
     Life can be complicated when your brother is married to a vampire. More so when the only ones you can call on for help in investigating a rumor about vampires, is your dear old auntie and a retired photographer. But the danger Mike faces is real, and terrible things are being done in the name of acquiring political power.
     Before long Mike will find himself in a desperate struggle for survival, and the odds are not in his favor. Both success—and life—hinge on making it through the wilderness with a woman who despises him. A woman who will soon be feeling the compulsion brought on by blood lust.

You can read an excerpt and purchase, Blood Lust:
          Amazon – Kindle Format.
          Barnes and Nobel – ePub/Nook
          Smashwords – All Formats, and free for the present.


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