Jennie’s Song – Romantic Fantasy

Jennie's Song Inside

     Jennie’s Song is the second of six linked novels, detailing the adventures of the women chosen by The Ring: a magic circlet of stone that has been passed from woman to woman over the centuries.
     This was one of those stories that demand to be written. I met Jennie as I wrote the conclusion of Water Dance, and found her situation fascinating—so much so that I had to know what happened to her. And since the only way to find out was to write her story…
The Back Cover:
     Jennie Nan spends her time wrapped in boredom. A mere flicker of days has removed her from the life of model, with the world at her feet. Now she’s a prisoner of her own body, as it slides toward death.
     But this day Jennie has been given a gift—a small circle of stone that will change everything. And on this day, after she places the ring on her finger, she can walk again.
     Now, seeking adventure downtown, she’s found Miles Carson, a positively beautiful man. Other then his having an evil brother, Miles is all she could wish for, except…she seems to have become a ghost, one who cannot interact with the world in the slightest way, and who cannot be seen, until she sings.
     But oddly, her watch is still running. Unless it’s using the ghost of a battery, just maybe…

Jennie’s Song is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iTunes store, and Smashwords.

Bibliography of, The Sisterhood Of The Ring:
   Volume I Water Dance
   Volume II Jennie’s Song
   Volume III A Change Of Heart
   Volume IV A Surfeit Of Dreams
   Volume V Kyesha
   Volume VI Abode Of The Gods Coming Soon


2 responses to “Jennie’s Song – Romantic Fantasy

  1. Laurie

    December 18, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    I loved the book, I could not put it down. It was awesome. Will there be a second book of water dance.?

  2. Jay Greenstein

    December 18, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Thank you. Its nice to know that the story pleased. I wrote Jennie’s Song because at the end of Water Dance, I realized that Jennie, of course had the get the ring next. And I realized that at about the time Ann did. So naturally, I had to write it to see where it went.

    Each volume of the Sisterhood series is meant to stand alone, so I won’t be featuring Ann or Jennie again, I’m afraid. In total, there are six volumes, four of which are currently available. The last two are written and I’m editing them now, with Kyesha, the fifth volume, coming out in perhaps by mid January 2014.


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