Kiss of Death – A Romance

 Kiss of Death inside
     Four women are dead—all by accident. Four women who shared one thing: they married William Foster, and their deaths have made the man wealthy. The question is: is he a murderer or is it his kiss that marks them for death? That matters a great deal to Barbara Kosmin. In fact, her life depends on it.
     Psychologist Barbara Kosmin has never had a patient like William Foster: handsome, personable, and quite possibly a mass murderer. Four women have died within a year of marrying the man, in a way that brought him million dollar insurance settlements. That’s so unlikely an occurrence that even he’s certain he’s caused their deaths, either by design, or by possessing the proverbial kiss of death. In desperation, Bill has turned to Barbara for help—or perhaps, he’s seeking yet another victim.
     Bill’s mothers-in-law believe he’s the personification of evil. The insurance investigator assigned to his case sees him as clever. Barbara isn’t certain. And that could be dangerous, both to her safety and her emotional stability—especially if he actually does possess the kiss of death.
For the present, Kiss Of Death is free. You can download it here:
          Barnes & Nobel – ePub format
          iTunes – ePub format
          Smashwords – All Formats.


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