Posse – A Modern Western

Posse PordPress

     A few years ago I heard a song on public radio, one that never made it to the popular music scene. But the words of it—the idea it presented—moved me, strongly. And it did so in a way that brought a decision to write the story of the woman in it, to tell what happened after the song finished.
     But though the desire was there the story refused to come, and was, reluctantly, put aside.
     Several years later, musing on my days living in Arizona as a child I decided to write about a rural town in Arizona, where cowboys still live and work, and where the law is whatever the local law enforcement decides is law—a place where the primary job of the policeman is to ticket tourists to keep the town budget afloat.
     But I have no background with which to write a police procedural story. And the bookshelves are filled with that kind of novel, in any case. Plus, that would be too straightforward and easy for a twisted mind of the kind I struggle through life with. So any cop I wrote about would be looked at as inept and untrained by anyone with a modicum of good sense. But what if…
     Suppose we place a college-educated cowboy, the traditional honest, diligent, and hard working man, in a situation where he’s in over his head?
     That was when Ted Blackwell appeared. And with him came Joy, a street-smart little girl from Philadelphia. Intrigued, I sat down at the keyboard. But I had typed no more than the first chapter when Gail and her sisters began pounding on the door of my subconscious, demanding to be let out.
     And since I have always been a sucker for a pretty girl…
The Back Cover:
     Ted Blackwell has a problem. Unhappy with life in the big city he ran away to train horses on Nowhere Ranch, his childhood home in rural Arizona. His plans for the future went no further than that. But the retiring lawman of that tiny hamlet said, “Offer the job to Blackwell, he’s the only one dumb enough to take it.” As it turned out, the man was right.
     Now, as a result of saying yes to becoming the town’s one and only policeman, Ted has Joy, a profane fourteen-year-old runaway living in his house. As if that weren’t bad enough, he’s faced with a murder that no believes happened; people are trying to force him off his ranch; someone used a stick of dynamite on his truck; men are dying and the body count is mounting. And now the governor wants to see him, to either praise or lock him up—perhaps both.
     Time is running out, danger is mounting, and the only help Ted has is in the form of three sisters, his posse. One seems to like him, another wants to drive him crazy, and the third is convinced that he’s an idiot. She may just be right.
     You can read an excerpt and purchase Posse here:
               Kindle format
               Smashwords – All Formats.

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