Starlight Dancing – A Sci-Fi Novel

Starlight cover Inside

Sixty-eight year old Zack O’Neal wakes from surgery to find that his heart has been replaced by a thing of batteries, motors, and tubing. But the box that rides his shoulder like a pet monkey is no cure, only a stay of execution. Despondent, with three years or less to live, he heads for the American desert, seeking a quiet place to die. But the arid loneliness that surrounds an ancient adobe ranch house captivates him, and leads him to postpone the deliberate ending of his life for long enough to Ada Barton, a twenty-two year old AIDS victim who, herself, is facing death.

Brought together by chance, held together by need, they uncover a mystery, one over sixty million years in the making. It’s a quest that leads across light-years—a journey that will dramatically change two worlds. And it all starts with a computer named Fred.

You can download Starlight Dancing from:
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