To Sing the Calu – Science Fiction

Cover tiny

Fred Randal is resigned to being Farmer Fred, host of the local television station’s farm report show. But that’s before he finds Lady, the pint-sized cow, and has his life turned upside down.

The station plans to use Lady’s plight—she’s adorable, lost and without a protector—to increase rating. And Farmer Fred will be presented as her protector and spokesman.

But Lady has other ideas. She’s unpredictable, irrepressible, and maybe even a little scary. Still, with her help, and antics, Fred and Lady achieve nationwide recognition. But then, unexplainable things begin happening, and it appears that Fred just might have the proverbial tiger by the tail. But it’s such a cute tail, and it’s attached to a sweet little lady, who just might make it worthwhile to hang on and see what happens.

Poor Fred. If only he knew.

You can read an excerpt and download, To Sing the Calu:
Barnes & Nobel – ePub format.
Amazon – Kindle format.
iTunes Store – ePub format (coming soon)
Smashwords – All formats


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