A Surfeit of Dreams – Romantic Fantasy

Surfeit cover Inside

      We all know someone like Kathy, the heroine of Surfeit. She’s the girl who blooms late, the one focused on her schoolwork while the early bloomers are learning dating skills. By the time she notices the opposite sex those she might want are focused on the “mall chicks.” And those who do call are desperate, and deservedly unable to get a date. She grows into the woman who’s everyone’s friend but no one’s date. She’s the sincere, reliable, and funny friend, who dreams of waking up one day as a beautiful woman, and fantasizes about what that would be like.
     What would happen, I wondered, if someone like that woke one day to find her dream came true?
     A Surfeit of Dreams is the fourth of six linked novels, detailing the adventures of the women chosen by The Ring: a magic circlet of stone that has been passed from woman to woman over the centuries.
The Back cover:
      A chance meeting with a beautiful woman has left Cathy Carling despondent, and nursing a bruise to the cheek—wondering why she must get by with a half-measure of beauty, and if she will find the perfect man or have to settle for Mr. Barely Acceptable.
      But today, an encounter on the commuter train has Kathy wearing a magical ring. And tomorrow she will wake to find her fondest dreams of beauty have come true—and learn that perhaps there truly is, too much of a good thing…or perhaps not. It all depends on who takes your picture
     You can read an excerpt here, and download a copy in whatever format your reader requires.

Bibliography of, The Sisterhood Of The Ring:
Volume I Water Dance
Volume II Jennie’s Song
Volume III A Change Of Heart
Volume IV A Surfeit Of Dreams
Volume V Kyesha Coming Soon
Volume VI Abode Of The Gods Coming Soon


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