Ties of Blood – Science Fiction

Cover Ties Smashwords

     Vampires are fun, but silly. Blood has no magical power. It can’t reanimate the dead or give super strength. And it certainly can’t give a full sized human the power to turn into a bat weighing less than four pounds.
Yet Romi is a vampire, beautifully and uniquely so, though not at all like any you may have encountered.
Disappearing fangs make little sense either. Still Romi’s are very, very real. And if she chooses to use them on you, you’ll thank her, and beg her to return.
     But Romi, the world’s only living vampire, is trapped in a situation from which she can see no escape. And in all the world, only Curt Simon has the skill and talent to recognize just how unique Romi is. But rescuing her, if he can, is just the beginning, because Romi has a secret, one no one must ever know.
You can read an excerpt and purchase, An Abiding Evil:
          Amazon – Kindle Format.
          Barnes & Nobel – ePub Format, and free for the present.
          Smashwords – All Formats, and free for the present.


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